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Corporate Mobility

Company cars are quickly becoming an outdated concept in today’s social and urban landscape. MyMove aims to provide an alternative corporate mobility solution that is both cheaper and greener, while offering your employees all the flexibility they deserve. Let them choose for every trip they do the most appropriate vehicle amongst cars, bikes, public transport and other solutions every day, according to their needs – with zero hassle for them or the company.

May they be moving for business or private reasons, for short or long trip, inside or outside of the city, the MyMove fleet will be the relevant flexible solution to handle all usage scenarii.

Frequently asked questions:
How do I get the keys to the vehicle?

MyMove is fully digital : no more physical keys to exchange or lose. Every MyMove user gets a digital key that allows him or her to lock and unlock the vehicles.

What kind of vehicles are included?

MyMove can offer 4 different types of vehicles : cars, e-scooters, e-bikes and e-steps.

Why is MyMove better that a company car?

Depending on your usage of the car, the mobility budget can be extremely interesting : if you use your company car only a few times per week but you can go to work by foot, bike, train or public transport, there are good chances that you will be able to save hundreds of euros every month.

How do you make sure that vehicles are always available?

MyMove is a closed ecosystem. Only the closed community members can book and use the vehicle. The Administrator of the fleet can always add or remove members and track their usage.


We provide all the technology to have your fleet connected and therefore shared: in-car keyless technology, mobile-app for the end-user, dashboard for the fleet manager and the possibility to integrate with your current systems

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