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MyMove's Open Fleet

The ideal end-to-end solution to accommodate the rental of vehicles to a third party and offering autonomous vehicle rental to your customers. From a complete digital on-boarding experience that's fully Know-Your-Customer (KYC) compliant, up to a great all-in-one user and management experience.

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Digital onboarding

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Autonomous rental

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Receive payments

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All-in-one solution

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Digital Onboarding

Thanks to MyMove, you'll always be able to have the uttermost confidence in who's getting access to your fleet. Users can easily digitally onboard themselves via a live check, an ID and driver's license verification and by choosing their payment method. We cross-check users' identity against countless databases and black lists to verify people before they can rent. We block listed people from being able to access your vehicles. MyMove fully digitizes your onboarding process so customers can digitally onboard themselves, in just a few clicks. No more long waiting queues. No more repeating the same process over and over again for each rental. No more unhappy customers.

ID's, Drivers' License & Live check
Digitally onboard customers in a few clicks
Digitizes the whole onboarding process

Autonomous rental

Without any interaction with, or help from others, users can check-out and check-in by themselves, end-to-end. Via the booking app on mobile, users can rent out vehicles independently in a keyless manner, where the key is replaced by a digital key in the application, connected to the booking platform. We also offer damage check via a double-verification method. There's a damage check in the beginning to validate the damages reported by previous users and at the very end of the journey to declare damage the users might have caused themselves.

Independent check-out and check-ins
Keyless experience
Double verification damage checks

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Monetization & Payments

Part of the end-to-end autonomous rental experience is allowing your users to pay through the App and for you to receive payments directly from them. Users can connect their credit card or with any form of mobility budget or Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) platform. There's also the possibility to charge warranty deposits when desired and our customers are even able to charge damage to the user that caused it. Pricing of the vehicles is also completely customizable. As is the maximal rental period.

Various payment methods
Warranty deposits are possible
Customizable pricing of vehicles

All-in-one solution

Easily offer your users a completely end-to-end multimodal vehicle sharing experience. MyMove enables you to combine the sharing of cars, vans, e-bikes and e-steps, all out of one single platform. Easy to use and easy to manage.

An open shared fleet opens up a lot of business opportunities for organizations to expand or digitize their rental activities with MyMove. Multimodal pop-up rental points at any touristic location, unmanned point of sales (POS) at strategic locations or car dealers monetizing replacement cars or test ride cars. Not to mention huge savings, efficiency increase and happier users. Everything's possible with MyMove.

Digitize or expand rental activities
Many monetization opportunities

Open shared fleet benefits

Optimize operations

Drive efficiency and optimize customer experience by streamlining your operations.

Optimize costs

Digitize and streamline the rental process, allowing to operate on minimal staff count.

New revenue streams

Unlock new revenue streams with 24/7 rental, permanent or pop-up unmanned points of rental and much more.

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