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MyMove's closed shared fleet

We are the all-in-one solution for organizations who want to offer a shared fleet and flexible mobility alternatives to its employees via a complete digital user and management experience. Easily share cars amongst a closed group of people.

Vehicle sharing as it should be

Offer flexible mobility

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Easy management

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Great user experience

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Pro/private usage

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Offer flexible mobility

Today many people and companies are rethinking their mobility. It's becoming more mainstream to offer people tailored mobility that works best for each individual, based on their own preferences.

When people use any other mean of transportation than individual cars, they need the right vehicle, for the right situation, at the right time. Which also means having a choice between different types of vehicles, including e-bikes and e-steps. A multimodal shared fleet gives these people the confidence to take a smaller car up to no individual car anymore. As well as to move around or to commute differently, knowing they can count on a shared fleet.

Flexible mobility for your users
Right vehicle for the right time & situation
Create a lesser need for individual cars

Great User Experience

MyMove offers your users an autonomous end-to-end vehicle sharing experience. Excel sheets are replaced by a user-friendly booking application, keys are replaced by in-app locking, unlocking and starting functionalities and the user enters and/or validates the damage of the previous user. People can book and access vehicles in the shared fleet in just a few clicks. Users love using MyMove.

No more Excel sheets
No more keys or key exchanges
Damage checks

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Easy Management

The most complete solution to effortlessly manage a shared fleet. With just a few dashboards you can keep track on each vehicle and its usage. Manage damage reports from a centralized place. Easily create users and assign them to the right fleet(s) within the organization. We can split the vehicles into as many fleets as you want, where users have access to one or more fleets based on criteria that you decide. Always know who was driving and who got the ticket or is responsible for the damage.

Complete solution
Keep track of all vehicles & usage
Easy fleet & role management

PRO/Private usage

Distinguish between PRO or private usage where PRO usage is paid by the employer and private usage is paid by the user by credit card, any form of mobility budget or a voucher. Or optionally only enable professional or private usage.

By activating private usage, you can monetize the shared fleet in a closed circuit of users, by renting vehicles out to employees or tenants which they then can use for their private mobility. Either to actually monetize the shared fleet and/or as a compensation & benefits strategy, by offering flexible pro & private mobility.

Pro usage is paid by the employer
Private usage is paid by the user
Offer flexible pro and/or private mobility

Closed shared fleet benefits

Optimise sharing

Fleet sharing never has been easier, more customer centric and fun.

Optimise fleet & mobility

Have a credible, cost-efficient alternative to having individual cars or to when people commute to work differently than with individual cars for professional mobility.

Reduce CO2

Make fleet sharing available and boost adoption via MyMove to reduce your CO2 footprint and evaluate if everyone really needs those individual vehicles.

Flexible mobility budget

Easily offer flexible mobility budget with MyMove and accommodate payments with those budgets for all designated users.

Monetise your fleet

Multiple dashboards to easily manage the fleet with just a few clicks. Keep control and oversight of your shared fleet at all times in a hindsight.

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