All-in-one mobility

One fully integrated platform for your people and all your vehicles

We provide all the technology to have your fleet connected and therefore shared: in-car keyless technology, mobile-app for the end-user, dashboard for the fleet manager and the possibility to integrate with your current systems

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Fully digital experience: unlock all vehicles with a single app

Our mobile application provides a fully digital experience to the end-user, from onboarding to payment.

Let them register, book the vehicle they need, unlock the car with their smartphones, and automatically pay at the end of their journey.

Damage report
ID and Driving License check
Payment module
White label
Mobile application

Search & book

Choose from a fleet of different vehicles, and select the one that best suits your needs.

Mobile application


Plan your your trips well in advance and don't get surprised last minute! You deserve full flexibility.

Mobile application

Drive & ride

Unlock and lock your vehicle as many times as you want during your booking. Drive & ride as if it was yours!

Mobile application

View history

Get a full view of your bookings history and your mobility patterns.

Manage, book, pay & learn with the MyMove Ops Dashboard

Increase and manage your fleet carefully, nurture revenue, enjoy a full planning visibility.

Operational teams will be able to track micro details such as fuel levels, approve damages reported and optimise the calendar, while you will quickly access high level financial reporting of your fleet.

Vehicle management
Booking planning visibility
Pricing management
Shared vehicles

The right vehicle when you need it

Compose the fleet that is relevant to you. We can offer a broad portfolio of various vehicle types (e-steps, e-scooters, e-bikes, car leases) or integrate your existing vehicles in no time.

Hub equipments
Maintenance service
Integrations: Skipr, Mbrella, ProPlanner, Guntam and more...

3rd party integrations

We can integrate with your existing fleet management system or with your mobility budget management system. We strive to making your life as easy as it can gets when it comes to managing any type of vehicle.

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Mobile application
Mobile app
Back office & dashboard
Ops dashboard