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A modern dayvehicle rental experience

Learn more about all the benefits of our technology for open fleets and explore how we can help you to offer your customers a modern day rental experience.

MyMove gets you there

Optimise operations

Drive efficiency and optimize customer experience by streamlining your operations.

Optimise costs

Digitize and streamline the rental process, allowing to operate on minimal staff count

New revenue streams

Unlock new revenue streams with 24/7 rental, permanent or pop-up unmanned points of rental and much more.

Optimise operations

We can help you to optimise your rental operations by digitising the process and improving your overall customer experience by doing so. You can increase your saturation rate by accommodating 24/7 rental via connected vehicles.

Improved customer experience
Increased saturation rate
Connected vehicles
Digital rental management
24/7 in-app support

Optimise costs

Optimize costs by digitizing and streamlining your complete rental experience for customers. From the onboarding process to digitally booking, checking out and returning vehicles in a keyless manner. Including damage checks, payments etc. All without any interaction with or from your staff.

Digital onboarding
Damage checks
Unmanned POS
No more keys

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Unlock new revenue streams

MyMove can help you to unlock new revenue streams via 24/7 rental, unmanned point-of-sales and enable you to monetize on-street via pop-up rental locations. All together, forming a great extra sales channel that can drive new revenue streams for your business.

24/7 rental
Unmanned POS
Extra sales channel
Monetise on-street

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