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The way people look at car ownership is changing. Future-proof your business by creating additional sales channels and monetizing your existing fleet outside of business hours.

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Why go digital with MyMove?


Diversify your business

Leverage your dealership assets. Monetizing replacement cars and operating a RAC generates new revenue streams. Put your unused assets to work. 

Customer centric

Serve new audiences

Access real-time data on your fleet to easily monitor and plan repairs, maintenance, etc. Always know where your vehicles are, in which state and who was driving. 

Transfer money

Monetize your assets

Address the mobility needs of fleet (B2B) and B2C customer by offering digital car rental services. Move from fleet to mobility management. 

Customer experience

Foster happy customers

Offer and manage a digital RAC as a car dealer. You can fully mirror your traditional process of checking-out & checking-in vehicles with MyMove

Unlock the corporate market

Access real-time data on your fleet to easily monitor and plan repairs, maintenance, etc. Always know where your vehicles are, in which state and who was driving.

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Customer stories

D’Ieteren Centers Zaventem (DCZ) facilitates short-term van rental

Car Dealers
Vehicle Rental
Monetize Fleet
New Revenue
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Audi Belgium brings to market a 24/7 app-based short-term rental service

Car Dealers
Vehicle Rental
New Revenue
Optimize Costs
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The future is now

The way younger generations look at car ownership is rapidly changing, as is the corporate market’s approach to providing employee mobility. Adapting to these changes means your business will be ready to weather any storm. With MyMove, you can easily test and implement new business ideas without compromising on your core business.

Offer mobility as a service besides traditional car sales
Make vehicles available for rental on demand with keyless technology
Never lose track of your vehicles thanks to the central dashboard and remote telematics

New revenue streams, no hassle

Tap into additional sales channels and monetize your assets with ease. Offer stationary vehicles for rental outside of business hours or whenever you don’t need them, all via a simple piece of hardware and complementary software. This small intervention generates on average an additional €300/month/vehicle.

Connect your fleet and monitor your vehicles remotely
Offer a custom-branded app for your customers to sign up, book, unlock and pay through
Rent anytime, from anywhere with keyless vehicle access

Happy customers are the best advertisement

Customer retention is hugely important in a competitive market. With MyMove, going above and beyond for your customers becomes easy. Offer your buyers easy access to replacement vehicles: not just for breakdowns, but also for when they simply need a bigger or more powerful car temporarily. The result? Happy customers who will come back and send their friends to your business as well.

Offer family-sized cars for e.g. holiday rental to increase customer loyalty
Provide buyers with extended demo driving opportunities without losing track of your vehicles
Give clients access to replacement vehicles 24/7

Always be there for your customers

We provide 24/7 in-app support for all vehicle users to ensure a smooth ride for every customer.

24/7 in-app support in EN, FR, NL
Support in case of technical issues and questions
Remote booking and vehicle management

Welcome to the car dealership of the future

Your customers are going to love it!
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How we help

Digital onboarding

Safe AI-powered ID checks allow for a completely digital sign-up process.

Car settings

Autonomous rental

Rent your vehicles from anywhere at any time with keyless access.

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Remote operations

Always know where your vehicles are and who is driving them with a central dashboard.

Flexible fleets

Easily modify which vehicles are available for rental and when.

24/7 support

MyMove offers 24/7 in-app support for all your customers in three languages (English, French and Dutch). Whenever they need help or have any questions they can count on our staff 24/7. Our staff can also remotely intervene and lock/unlock the car if this would be necessary or find solutions when accidents happen. They can also manage bookings or find another vehicle for your customers.

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