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Maestromobile uses MyMove hardware and software to promote new mobility in Belgium

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March 4, 2022

About Maestromobile

Maestromobile mobility van powered by MyMove

Since 2020, Maestromobile has been a subsidiary of Espaces-Mobilités. They are a consultancy firm that offers different kinds of consulting services in the mobility ecosystem to public authorities or private organizations. Espace-Mobilités is also heavily involved in urban planning and design. 

Next to their consulting services, Maestromobile is a strong player in the event sector. They attend a wide variety of mobility-related events to inform participants and raise awareness around new mobility technologies. 

Why did Maestromobile choose MyMove as a partner?

MyMove offers Maestromobile the flexibility they much needed

At these events, Maestromobile allows visitors to experience vehicles which need to be pre-booked and given access during the event itself. This brings certain operational challenges and Maestromobile was looking for a partner that could provide the most optimal experience both in usage as in management.

Their event-focused side of operations requires lots of flexibility in managing vehicles and keys: they need to be clean and available when needed. MyMove provides a solution that fits Maestromobile perfectly by taking the hassle away from key management and removing the possibility of overlapping bookings.

Thanks to MyMove, visitors can frictionlessly book vehicles before the event or at the event itself completely by themselves, without any help or interaction from or with staff members. It also gives them keyless access to vehicles. All they need is the MyMove app to do so.

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