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Easily facilitate closed shared fleets

Learn more about how MyMove helps to easily facilitate, manage and use closed shared fleets.

MyMove gets you there

Optimize sharing

Fleet sharing never has been easier, more customer centric and fun.

Optimize fleet & mobility

Have a credible, cost-efficient alternative to having individual cars or to when people commute to work differently than with individual cars for professional mobility.

Reduce CO2

Make fleet sharing available and boost adoption via MyMove, reduce your CO2 footprint and evaluate if everyone really needs those individual vehicles.

Flexible mobility budget

Easily offer any form of flexible mobility budget with MyMove and accommodate payments with those budgets for all designated users.

Monetize your fleet

Multiple dashboards to easily manage the fleet with just a few clicks. Keep control and oversight of your shared fleet at all times in a hindsight.

Optimize sharing

Simplify the management and usage of the shared fleet offered to employees. Optimize your current car sharing experience with an end-to-end digital experience for your users. The process is keyless and it’s easy to book, check out and return vehicles completely by themselves, without any interaction via our all-in-one mobile application.

No more key exchanges
No more Excel sheets or Sharepoints
Autonomous user experience
Boost fleet sharing adoption rate
Easy shared fleet management

Optimize fleet & mobility

Does everyone still want or need that individual car? Optimize your fleet and offer your employees flexible professional and private mobility by offering a credible and reliable alternative. That way your people always know that they’ll have the right vehicle for the right situation, at any given time and can enjoy flexible mobility accommodated by the company.

Move to less cars
Activate standstill cars
Reducing TCO, drives TCM
Total Cost of User Mobility (TCUM)

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Reduce CO2 footprint

Company fleets are typically the second biggest source of CO2 emissions of companies after their offices. But how to reduce CO2? One-vehicle per person isn’t always the best solution for everyone. Fleet sharing leads to a smaller fleet and lesser individual cars on the road. Which means less CO2. That’s why we say sharing is caring, caring about our environment and the climate change challenges we face.

Encourage alternative mobility
Less cars, less CO2
Sharing is caring

Flexible mobility budget

Empower your people with a flexible mobility budget to enjoy flexible mobility to the fullest. Where access and usage of the shared fleet for professional usage is always free, it’s also possible to give users a monthly mobility budget which they can use to rent vehicles from the shared fleet for their private mobility or to pay for alternative ways of transportation. We can help you set up, accommodate and manage this flexible mobility budget.

Stimulate different ways of commuting
Monthly credit to pay for flexible mobility
On-premise shared fleet

Monetize your fleet

A closed shared fleet is most of all there to provide means for professional transportation during business hours. But what after business hours? Monetize the shared fleet to your employees so they can use vehicles for private mobility and pay for it with their credit cards or flexible mobility budget.

Private mobility for employees
Pay via credit card
Pay via any flexible mobility budget
Optionally rent out to 3rd party

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